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TT-Mixed Martial Arts

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Tag Team fighting is an exciting new development in mixed martial arts competition sweeping the nation. We are on the verge of a revolution in combat sports – be part of the revolution!. Traditional mixed martial arts has been criticized as unrealistic because it does not involve multiple assailant combat; TT MMA addresses that small weakness producing a faster paced and more skill dependant environment which is also great fun for sports participants.


If you can help TT MMA to grow please contact us, we need your support to make the tag team format the success it deserve to be!


Q. Is TT MMA violent? Can get hurt?

A. Yes TT MMA is a full contact combat sport and should not be trained for or entered into without expert supervision. MMA is a sport where skill beats brute force so train smart and train safe!


Q. Can TT MMA help me defend myself?

A. TT MMA is first and foremost a sport but it is also a ruthlessly effective self defense art that is particularly suited to multiple assailant combat


Q. Is it related to Wrestling (WWE)?

A. No, TT MMA is not related to WWE or other tag team entertainment formats. Fights are not staged and there are strictly enforced rules for when a team member can tag their companion. See rules.